Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gareth Wyke 1953-58 (5-10 years of age)

Gareth Wyke: early days in Craig-y-nos

and five years later...

Gareth says:
"Having read other peoples accounts reminded me of the metal cage that was over my legs and under the bedclothes.

When I was older, I was a bit ashamed about being in a cot like the
younger children, but my behaviour did not warrant being
with the older boys.

I was mad about cowboys and used to devour western comics-Kit Carson was
my favourite: he had long blonde hair,which I craved for.

The only toy I remember was a golliwog called Golly which I was
inseparable from, but to my parents surprise, I gave to one of the young
children when I left.
I was feeling very grownup!
My father brought the bow tie."

Gareth became a PE teacher, played rugby until he was 50 and lives in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

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