Friday, October 12, 2007

T.B. some facts, fiction and half truths....

Because TB was never spoke about many of us who were children in Craig-y-nos have gone through our lives holding some very strange beliefs and in considerable ignorance of some basic facts.

Here are some:
Top of the list must be the belief that gastric lavages were a "treatment" , not a test to see whether one was "negative" or "positive".

Neither did we know that the contents of our stomachs were given to guinea pigs nor that if they lived then we were cured.

Some children believed their parents didn't love them - that's why they didn't come very often. The very young children didn't realise visiting was allowed only once a month.

Most children were unaware that adults got visitors every week. ( I was there four years and never knew this until I did research for this book).

Drinking infected milk led to bone TB not lung TB - I lived on a farm and had assumed all my life that I had caught it from drinking contaminated milk.

Many didn't realise until seeing the photographs that some children were tied to their beds.

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