Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shirley Osbourne and Mair Edwards

Shirley Osbourne and Mair Edwards

Does anyone remember these girls? Mair came to an early meeting in Craig-y-nos this year and I have been trying to contact her ever since.

Now I have had a request from Pamela Hamer who would love to know the whereabouts of Shirley. They were both in Craig-y-nos together with TB of the spine.

Pamela says
I have been looking at the photos of the children in Craig-y-nos and I saw my dear friend Shirley Osbourne.
I would love to know how she is, the last I heard was that she was married and had a baby boy. Auntie Maggie the nurse saw my mother in town back in the early sixties and told my mum that news. I would love to find her.

We both had TB spines and we were together for years.”

Pamela added:"The night before I came home she curled my hair with dinky steel curlers I looked a right mess in the morning but I thought I looked great!"

If you know anything about Shirley then contact Pamela at:

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