Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pamela Osmond 1947- 1950 - "rat in the bed"

We have had several accounts of rats in the wards including one of a rat jumping off a table on to a bed but this is the first case of one in the bed.

Pamela Hamer (nee Osmond) says:

" I would love to visit Craig-y-nos on the 9th of September I feel that I must go there, although I also feel nervous, I havent been inside that building since September the 13th 1950 that was a wonderful moment in my life I have loved the number 13 ever since.
I was on the balcony for 3 years on a plaster bed with a TB spine.
I had nothing to pass away the time.
I can remember playing I spy with my little eye. We used to get fed up with that. We didnt have many sweets or toys as our visitors were searched on the way in.

Once a month was visiting, sometimes the month would fall into 5 weeks.
I can remember eating my toothpaste so I could taste the peppermint flavour.

Sister Powell was so strict I was afraid of her. Some nurses were lovely.

There were rats that would be on the balcony in the night, I had a cradle over my legs to keep the weight of the blankets off my legs and one night I felt something in bed moving around by my feet and I started to call and shout for a nurse and it was a rat in my bed it ran out past my face I couldnt move as I was strapped to my plaster bed.
The nurse calmed me down by telling me it was the hospital pet. I believed her as I was only an 8 year old child at the time. "

Pamela tried to get to the Reunion but had to turn back because of a major crash on the M4.

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