Monday, October 29, 2007

Norma Lewis (nee Pearce) Inside Ward 2 -1953

Nurse Jones with Nanette


Norma with Jean Shakeshaft ( 1953)

Alice, Pat and Maraline

Photos taken inside Ward 2 are extremely rare so I am most grateful to Norma Lewis for supplying these.
If anyone can add more information then please email :

Norma was in Craig-y-nos for one year and reckons she came out worse than when she went in.
She remembers the nurses tucking us in at night and the ward singing "The TB Flushes".

I have the TB flushes
I have them very bad
They wrapped me up in blankets
and put me in the van

The van was very rocky
It nearly knocked me out

And when the door was opened
I gave a mighty shout

“Mama, Dada fetch me out from this isolation home
I have been here a year or two
And now I want to be with you.”

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