Monday, October 08, 2007

Nurse Cissie Myers

 Does anyone remember a nurse by the name of Cissie Myers?
Her daughter Sharon Whitlock is anxious to find out if anyone can remember her mother.

Her Mum has since died but she would love to try and fill in the gaps in her mother’s early history.
She says:

"When we were younger she used to talk about the hospital and now she has passed away I would love to get to know more about the background of it and maybe even find a book about it, when I went to the castle I asked at the reception if there was a book on the castle when it was then a hospital, they told me there wasn't and I was quite disappointed.

Every time I go past the castle I say to my husband “that's my mums home.”
I know my mum had a rough life when she was growing up, but she used to always talk about the hospital in very graphic detail.
I have always been interested in the history behind the hospital.  I would just love to know if anybody remembered my mum and what she was like then. 
I loved my mum so much and every time we go past the castle I can imagine seeing my mum standing by the entrance.

When my husband and I went inside to look around I went into the theatre and I just stood there and cried. I felt so moved and touched I could feel the presence of my mum there. That’s why this means so much to me.
If you do remember my mum or anybody that you know that was in the hospital at the time my mum was a nurse there I would really love to hear from them has it would mean the entire world to me.
Even by sending this e-mail to you I am in tears because I think only you would know how I feel. There's a part of my mum's history I would love to know more about and maybe even get a glimpse of a photo of her when she was there.
Please can you help.”

If anyone can remember nurse Cissie Myers please get in touch:

I have passed this on to Nurse Valerie Brent who may also be able to help too.

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