Monday, May 16, 2011

Margaret Morth - New Zealand

I have had a query from New Zealand from a descendant of Margaret Morth who died in Craig-y-nos in 1937 asking for information.

Well, as you know there are no official records and all we have is anecdotal evidence and this for the 1930s is very sparse. However, on the off-chance that someone may have some knowledge I am quoting this email:

"I write from New Zealand in the hope that you may be able to help.
Today I received my children's Great Grandmothers death Certificate that states she died in the above when it was a Sanatorium.

Her name was - Margaret Elaine Morth
Death - 5 Dec 1937 in Adelina Patti Hospital.
I would like to know if possible when she was admitted and for how long she was a patient and/or any other information that is held that can be released to the public. Are there any photos of her available.?

I hope you can be of assistance and look for ward to hearing from you.

Yours truly

Christine Walton
6 Ashmore Court
Hamilton 3210
New Zealand"

If you do have some information then Christine would love to hear from you.