Monday, December 10, 2012

Frances Purcell

Frances - are you the middle girl in this photo? the one in bed is me  (Ann) and the girl standing next to you is Mair.

I was checking out my blog the other day when  I came across this comment from Frances Purcell.
"I could not make the Exhibition. I was a patient in Ward 2 at Craig-y-Nos Hospital from 1953 – 1954 The girls called me Percy because my Maiden name was Frances Purcell. I would love to hear from anyone remembers me or would like to write to me? If so. you are very welcome to write to me at my email address: I very much look forward to hearing from any of you. Kind reagard, Frances "

It jogged my memory. Now I remember you. If you want to get in touch email me at-